I’ve been living in the house now for almost 9 months and I figure it’s time for an update.

Once the propane was hooked up the winter was fine.  The Rinnai wall heater was plenty of heat for a Vermont winter…the house was always cozy and warm.  I did have one incident of frozen water and discovered that an animal had gotten into my water shed and managed to unplug my heat tape from the outlet…that’s fixed.

Living in the house has been great.  I don’t feel like I lack for space as long as I’m diligent about putting things away.  I have added a number of “organizational/storage” spaces and containers that help a lot.  My daughter and grandson came up for a week and she stayed with me all week.  My grandson spent a lot of time at his grandmother’s house but did spend a night or two in the tiny house.  We did fine living together for the week.

Cleaning the house is so nice…I can devote less than an hour and get the whole place vacuumed and scrubbed clean.

This past weekend I added a deck off of the porch.  I used concrete post supports and bolted it to the porch so that if I decide to move the house the deck will be easily transportable.  I had dinner on the deck last night for the first time.



I do have a couple of projects for the summer.  First, to get the driveway extended up along the south side of the house and create a small parking/turn around area.  We finished up the site work so close to winter last year that we decided to wait on this project until spring.

Also, I want to put some skirting around the house.  I’ll probably use PT plywood with blue board glued to the inside.

I’m also hoping to get a solar system set-up but I’ll have to see if the money for that magically materializes.

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3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Orah Moore

    good to hear from you Keith… I miss regular Spider Roulette gigs close to my town…( i.e. Bees Knees) ! Hope you are well and getting in enough music. Have you put together another band or two? I know you love music ORah


  2. Carol Ann Wagner

    Hi Keith. Sounds like all is well. I’m not working with Onduvilla anymore but wanted to make sure I was keeping up with you and your almost tiny house. Loved reading about your experiences. Take care.
    Carol Ann Wagner

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