Gross Post

This is surely a gross post so most of you might want to skip it. But I know it’s important to folks that are researching composting toilets and trying to decide which one to buy.

I’ve been living in the house now for 14 weeks and finally had to replace the bucket in the Separett toilet.  The FAQ section on the Separrett site states that the capacity for a family of 4 using the toilet on a daily basis is 3-6 weeks between bucket changes.  So, for a single occupant it should be 12-24 weeks.  Mine went 14 weeks.

Emptying was really easy.  I tied up the compostable waste bag, put a lid on the bucket and it slid right out.  Then I just slid the new bucket in place with a new bag in it.

I have been very happy with the Separett…no odor and very low maintenance…pretty much the opposite of the composting toilet I had in a cabin that I used to rent.


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