Reflections on my first three weeks in the house

My first night sleeping in my new house was on September 25th. It’s been about three weeks now and I thought I’d pass on a few thoughts.

I moved in before the house had been moved into position because site work hadn’t started yet. Well, the site work started and while mowing the field the tractor hit something and blew the front seal…so, there has been a delay in the process.

Once started again the current driveway will be extended, an area prepared for the house to be moved to, ditches dug and water and power run to the house. Until then I do have power but no running water. I am also waiting for the house to be in position before having the propane folks come out and hook up the heat and hot water. Also, I’ve only moved very few things into the house, basically what I use day-to-day. This is due to the fact that if I move stuff in now I’ll only have to move it out when the truck hooks up to move the house.

Here’s what seems to work well now:

  • Size – there is plenty of room while still being small enough to be easy to keep clean
  • Bathroom – Can’t speak for the shower yet but the size of the bathroom seems very adequate. Room enough to change clothes, etc. Also, the Separett composting toilet is awesome.
  • Fans – there are two fans in the house, a ceiling fan in the living room and an exhaust fan in the bathroom. They do a great job of venting the odors of fresh paint and varnish (I still have some finish work to do).
  • Dining Slab/Table – it’s a great work space. I’ve had a number of meals with friends on the table and there is plenty of space
  • Desk area – I’ve done quite a bit of work at home and find the desk area to be adequate and comfortable.
  • Lights – LED Track lights in the kitchen and living room really light up the space and the living room lights are dimmable. The LED lights in the bathroom and loft are bright and do a great job. LED porch light and motion sensitive LED floods on the porch end are great.
  • Futon – I have a tri-fold futon in the living room. For the first week living in the house I slept on the futon because there was still some electrical work to be done in the loft and I didn’t want to put the mattress and bedding out until we were done dragging dirty boots up there. The futon folds down into a comfortable bed but where it really shines is in its reclined position. It is very comfortable for lounging around.
  • Loft – the memory foam mattress that I purchased is awesome. Incredibly comfortable. I love looking out the skylight at the star studded sky.
  • Loft ladder – storing it horizontally above the closet is great for keeping it out of the way.
  • Closet – the closet seems small but I doubt that I’ll use up half of it.
  • Clothes boxes and drawers – Using the wooden boxes for clothing storage was one of my best ideas and the over-sized drawers in the built-in dresser are great


  • I’ve found that clutter builds up very quickly and that I need to find a permanent home for things and then make sure they go there. For example something as simple as a bathroom scale kept getting in the way. I finally built a small storage rack that I hung on the bathroom wall so that the scale has a home.
  • The storage loft and the storage above the closet are a bit tough to get to. I’m going to need to figure out some sort of high step stool or easy to store ladder to access these places.
  • When I was preparing to build the loft ladder I calculated the angle of the ladder so that while the vertical pieces were angled correctly the treads would be parallel to the ground. However, I failed to take into account a few pieces of trim and the pipe that the ladder slides on. Therefore, my ladder treads are not parallel to the ground but slope down from the back to the front. In the day time it’s not much of a problem but at night I’m concerned that someone could misstep. I’ll live with it until I can build a new ladder sometime during the winter.
  • Loft roof – while the loft is feels spacious sleeping up there alone it isn’t as roomy when there are two people up there. It could be considered “cosy” with two up there but not roomy. After adding the 6” height of the mattress it feels a bit too small with two. So, I think that in the spring I will have a bit of a project and will modify the roof line and build dormers the length of the loft.

I guess those are my thoughts after the first month. No big complaints but I’ll be happy to have running water, hot water and heat!!!

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