More small stuff

I’m waiting for plumbing supplies and for my plumber friend, Gary, to have time to come help me with the water supply plumbing.  Also, waiting for my friend Carrie to have time to come help me finish up the drain plumbing.  So, while waiting for those two things to happen I’ve been working on some other small stuff.

I like to have my grandkids visit me but I haven’t owned a TV for decades and I know they’ll get bored.  So I installed a movie screen.  I have a projector that I can put in the storage loft and then we can watch movies on the “big screen”.

Movie Screen

Movie Screen

With the screen down like this we can sit in the living room and enjoy the movies.  When not in use it retracts up and then folds into the wall at the base of the roof.

Movie screen stored

Movie screen stored

I also put in an overhead LED light in the sleeping loft.  Can’t say I’m thrilled with it but I couldn’t find anything I liked and this cost less than $10 so it will do for now.

Sleeping lot light

Sleeping lot light

In order to make my kitchen cabinets more efficient I wanted to put sliding shelves in.  I checked out the kits available at Home Depot but they were all well over $50 per shelf and some of my cabinets I couldn’t find the right size for.  So, instead I purchased the drawer slides for about $7.50 each.  The wood was all scrap wood left over from other parts of the house project and then a little varnish so for under $10 per shelf I’ve built 5 sliding shelves.  I also put in a sliding trash & recycle bin holder.

Sliding trash & recyle bin holder

Sliding trash & recycle bin holder

Sliding shelf under the trash & recycle bin

Sliding shelf under the trash & recycle bin

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2 thoughts on “More small stuff

  1. Can you teach Steven to make the sliding shelf thingy?!? I need one for pots and pans…

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