Friends stopped by  today and helped me move the slabs from the  shop to the house.  They look pretty good but they’re far from perfect…I guess I learned a lot from the process.

I was doing the epoxy pouring in an old goat barn…not a good idea.  There was too much junk floating around in the air. After a pour the slabs looked great but by the next morning the dust and junk had settled and was very evident as bumps in the finish.  I even built a kind of plastic tent around the work area with plastic on the floor in an effort to keep the dust down but no good.

I did have some bubbles that needed to be sanded down and required a second pour.  I discovered that temperature makes a big difference.  One of the days I poured a second coat it was pretty chilly and the epoxy didn’t self level very well leaving high spots where the new coat was.

So in the end, I’ll end up sanding them some to get a smooth, level surface and putting a couple of coats of spar varnish over the epoxy.

Pine dining table slab

Pine dining table slab

Walnut desk slab

Walnut desk slab

Once they’re varnished I can get started building the shelves around them.

I also purchased and installed a shade for my Velux skylight.  There were two choices, a manual venetian blind for about $150 or nice electric room darkening shades for about $350.  I would like to have  had the shades but since the skylight is in the loft and very reachable I surely didn’t need the electric controls and I really didn’t need to spend that much on it so I opted for the cheaper one.

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One thought on “Slabs

  1. Orah Moore

    Your home is a work of art.

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