Bathroom & Closet

My slabs came out looking really good with the Envirotex finish but there were quite a few bubbles and some dust or something in the finish.  So, I need to do some sanding and apply a second coat.  I didn’t do that this weekend.  I’m hoping George can make it over sometime this week and give me some expert advice before I screw things up.

So instead I worked on the bathroom and the closet.  I’d made my closet deep enough to allow me to put some shelves on the back wall behind where the clothes will hang and I did that today.  They’re in and ready for varnish.

Shelves in the back of the closet

Shelves in the back of the closet

Also, in the triangular space above the closet will be a storage space with doors.  I built one side wall this weekend.  The rest will need to wait until I get the brackets to hold my loft ladder to the pipe.  When not in use, the bottom end of the ladder will rest on the closet ceiling and I need to know just how that will lay to finish up the storage space.

Triangular wall above closet.

Triangular wall above closet.

I wanted some color in the bathroom so I finished one wall with a Cabot stain that had a blue tint…kind of looks like faded denim.  I also installed a light colored laminate floor and trim and put on one coat of varnish.

Blue bathroom wall & laminate flooring

Blue bathroom wall & laminate flooring

Trim around shower

Trim around shower

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