Interior Paint

I’ve been working on the bead board and trim for quite a while.  Finally got through it but I’m not really happy with it.

I used mdf bead board instead of plywood.  Mainly I was thinking about weight and handling.  Since I end up doing almost everything alone I was thinking about trying to lift and support the bead board against the sloping ceiling and getting it glued and nailed up.  The mdf is a fair bit lighter than the plywood and I figured that would make it easier for me.  It still wasn’t easy but I got through it alone.  However, the mdf is very flexible and when putting it up and trying to hold, support, glue and nail at the same time it didn’t always lay flat.  So, when I put the trim on, especially at the peak of the roof, there were gaps.  I spent several days just sitting and looking at it and thinking.  I was tempted to just tear it out and use the plywood but I had about $600 into bead board and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find anyone to help me put up the plywood.  So, in the end I decided to live with it.  I did my best to make it presentable but I can’t say I’m happy.

I did purchase a Wagner Spray Max paint sprayer and that has been great.  I was able to spray un-thinned latex paint.  The paint looks great after two coats.  I know it would have taken 2 or 3 times as long with rollers and brushes and I would have had dozens of sags and runs.  The sprayer was great.

Ceiling looking toward the porch end of the house.

Ceiling looking toward the porch end of the house.


The kitchen walls have only one coat of white.  Hopefully Saturday I’ll get to add some color to the place and put on a second coat of non-white paint there.

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One thought on “Interior Paint

  1. Looks nice in these photos!!!!

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