I received an email yesterday from Bill Taylor, VP of Sales at Onduvilla.  He had looked at this blog and noticed (in the first picture of yesterday’s post labeled “North side of Kitchen roof shingles done”) that I had put nails in the shingles where they end on the gable end of the roof.  There shouldn’t be any nails there as the nails that hold on the verge trim piece take their place…that’s pretty good customer service to keep an eye on my job as I go along.

So, I removed the nails and put on the first piece of trim.  Then I got started on the next section of roof.  My granddaughter MacKenzie Denny came out to the site to help me out today but picking up trash and scrap lumber and decided she wanted to help with the shingles.  It did take her a while to hit the nail more often than she hit her thumb but eventually got the hang of it and she installed about a dozen shingles.

Kenzie shingling

Kenzie shingling

We got most of the second section done, should be able to finish it up tomorrow and start on the front of the house.

Second section almost done

Second section almost done

You can see in this picture the first verge trim piece on this end installed.  It overhangs the first “bump” in the shingles and then extends a few inches down the trim on the gable end.

I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow’s job as it will be shingling and flashing around the skylight.

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One thought on “Roofing

  1. Good job Kenz!

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