This post is for you Jennie

Jennie, this post is for you ’cause you asked for it.

This is the apartment sized refrigerator that I purchased for my tiny house.  I’ve had it now for a couple of months.  I found the under-counter refrigerators to be inadequate, needed a bit more space…and this one gives me that.


It is an Avanti RA754WT.

Dimensions are:

  • 56.5H (just under my chin)
  • 21.75 W
  • 23″ D

And it has decent freezer space.

I’ve had this Avanti W757-1 portable washing machine for a bit over a year and love it.  Washes a pretty good sized load and right now I hook it up to my sink.  When it’s in the Tiny house it’ll be hidden in a cabinet in the kitchen with a permanent water and drain hookup.


For a stove I’m considering using this built-in range (or possibly just the cook top and use a toaster oven for baking).  It runs on grain alcohol (moonshine), a renewable resource that requires no pressure.  I’d like to be free from the propane deliveries. More information here.


And this little pellet stove from Jamestown Stoves to heat the house, it’s the J1000 model.  I was a bit concerned about too much heat in such a small space from a pellet stove, but this stove, when operated through a thermostat, will turn completely off when no heat is requred and re-ignite when heat is needed.

It’s 23″ wide and 13.5″ deep and only requires 1″ clearance in the back and 3″ clearance on the sides.


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One thought on “This post is for you Jennie

  1. Jennie

    🙂 It all looks great! Can’t wait for the next step…

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